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WILDLIFE – Definition | Learn American English Idioms and Slang with MUSIC | Talking Heads



  • Animals that live in nature, away from people.
  • Wild animals collectively; the native animals (and sometimes plants) of a region or area.


  • The WILDLIFE in Hawai’i is limited – there are no snakes, no monkeys and no bears.
  • The Amazon Rainforest is full of WILDLIFE, some of which we’ve never seen before!


Here’s a great example of the idiom, in a song full of other idioms!

Talking Heads Wild Wild Life Lyrics

Songwriters: BYRNE, DAVID
I’m wearin’ my fur pyjamas
I ride a hot potato
It’s tickling my fancy, speak up, I can’t hear you
Here on this mountaintop, I got some wild, wild life
I got some news to tell ya about some wild, wild life
Here comes the doctor in charge, she’s got some wild, wild life
Ain’t that the way you like it, living wild, wild life
I wrestle with my conscience
You wrestle with your partner
Sittin’ on a window sill but he spends time behind closed doors
Check out Mr. Businessman, he bought some wild, wild life
On the way to the stock exchange, he got some wild, wild life
Break it up when he opens the door, he’s doin’ wild, wild life
I know that’s the way you like it, living wild, wild
Peace of mind, it’s a piece of cake
Thought control, you get on board anytime you like
Like sittin’ on pins and needles, things fall apart, it’s scientific

Sleeping on the interstate, getting wild, wild life
Checkin’ in, a checkin’ out, I got a wild, wild life
Spending all of my money and time, done too much wild, wild life
We wanna go, where we go, where we go, I doing wild, wild life
I know it, that’s how we start, got some wild, wild life
Paint a picture of me in the daylight and it’s a wild, wild life
You’ve grown so tall, you’ve grown so fast, wild, wild
I know that’s the way you like it, living wild, wild, wild, wild, life

It’s tickling my fancy. ——–> I like it!
Speak up ———> Talk louder, I can’t hear you.
To wrestle your conscience —–> When you do something you know is wrong, and you feel bad about it.
(To have) Peace of mind ———–> To feel safe and secure; peaceful
It’s a piece of cake ————> It’s easy!
Get on board ————-> Join the group!
On pins and needles ———–> to be very nervous about something happening


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