Who Are The Teachers?

Shane Albritton
- Founder / Head Teacher

Hawaii, USA
Native Language:
B.A. in English (Stony Brook University - NY)
TESOL Certification (Trinity College London)
Thomas Albritton - Teacher

Hawaii, USA
Native Language:
B.A. in Political Science (University of Hawaii)
CELTA Certification (Cambridge University)
Thomas Albritton
Zachary Walton Zachary Walton - Teacher

Oregon, USA
Native Language:
B.A. in History (University of Hawaii)
CELTA Certification (Cambridge University)

What Does Native English Teacher .NET Do?

Premium English Lessons Online by Skype or Google+.

* Certified, Native English Teachers.
* Personalized Classes based on Student's specific English needs.
* Address and correct English problems with maximum efficiency.
* Free (and Funny!) Video English Lessons
* Free English Learning Blog with Daily Idiom Lessons
* First Lesson FREE! Click here to Learn English On Skype today!

But the #1 thing we do is...


When Can I Take Classes?

What time is best for you? Morning? Evening? Lunch time? Tell us when YOU are available, and we can schedule your classes at the times that work best for you!


In the comfort and privacy of your home - or office - or even at a cafe! Anywhere you have an internet connection, you can take a lesson!

Why Should I Choose Native English Teacher .NET?

A big thing that sets Native English Teacher .NET apart from other online English companies is our TEACHERS. If you watch our videos, you'll see that we love to have fun, we love to laugh - and we love to make our students laugh! Probably the thing we hear most from students is "Your classes are fun - I never get bored!"

What year did you begin in business?

We began Native English Teacher .NET in 2012.

What is the purpose or mission statement of Native English Teacher .NET?

Native English Teacher .NET exists for two main reasons.

First, we provide customized one-to-one and small group English lessons online via Skype for students who aren't getting what they need from bigger, "One Size Fits All" English programs.

Many of our students have tried various other methods of learning English, and were unsatisfied because they were put into large classes with other students with levels that were too different from their own. In these classes students often feel that they don't learn, because the classes are not focused on their specific areas of need.

At Native English Teacher .NET, each class is specifically designed around the student's specific English needs. For example, if our teachers notice that a student is having trouble pronouncing a specific sound in English, we design lessons around that sound, and focus on that until the problem is corrected. We find that this helps students to progress much faster than they would in larger classes where they receive very general instruction.

Other students simply don't have time to attend traditional classes, and so prefer the convenience of being able to take classes from their home or office at a time that is good for them - early in the morning before work, during their lunch break, or after dinner for example. Our teachers work with each student to find a time that works best for them.

The second main reason that Native English Teacher .NET exists is to provide a community service to the English learning world in general. As often as possible, we produce short, funny English learning videos and post them to our YouTube channel: YouTube.com/NativeEnglishTcher.

We also maintain a facebook page (facebook.com/NativeEnglishTeacher.NET) and a Google+ Community: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/114653011187486809125 where we encourage people to post their English questions, and we do our best to answer them, free of charge. At Native English Teacher .NET we believe in contributing to the world community, so we do our best to provide free resources to people who might not be able to afford our Skype lessons.

What are some helpful tips you can suggest to people who are learning English?

I say this to my students almost every day - the MOST important aspect of learning any language is SPEAKING it. You can study grammar 24 hours a day, but if you don't use what you've learned in class in a REAL conversation, you'll never remember it. Take every opportunity to SPEAK English, with native English speakers if possible. Classes are a good start, but putting what you've learned into use is what makes it stick.

For people who are learning English that have a heavy accent, what tips can you suggest that can help them sound more native and natural?

I have found that using music as a way to practice natural pronunciation is a huge help. Think of an English song you like, search YouTube for the name of the song and the word "lyrics," and then sing along with the song, copying the sounds as best as possible. If you do it enough, eventually you memorize the song and the pronunciation. You'll be amazed at how that repetition can help you remember.

Do the lessons you offer focus on vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, conversation, something all together different or all the above?

Our lessons are first and foremost SPEAKING based, but each lessons includes elements of vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, reading and listening. The trick is to design lessons around a topic that a student is interested in, and hide the vocabulary / pronunciation / grammar in a CONVERSATION that the student finds interesting. For example, if I know a student is interested in SURFING and I notice they need practice with the SECOND CONDITIONAL, I might ask them "If you could surf anywhere in the world, where would you surf?" This is one of the benefits of having custom classes - we'll never talk about shopping if you only want to talk about sports.

When someone is searching for the right English teacher or the right English learning product to buy, what should things should they consider before they make a buying decision?

There are A LOT of people offering online English lessons via Skype these days, and not all of them are qualified. I have been contacted by companies in other countries (Russia for example) who offer online English classes - and within the first sentence of the email, there are several English mistakes. I'm almost fluent in Portuguese, but I would never feel comfortable teaching it, because I know I don't speak it authentically - like a native speaker.

On the other hand, a lot of people online believe that JUST being a native speaker qualifies them to teach English - which is also not true. If you have no education or training to be a teacher, your lessons will simply not be as effective as someone who does.

So - my best advice is to find someone who is:

A) A native English speaker
B) Certified to teach English as a foreign language (and can prove it)
C) offers a free trial lesson so you can see exactly how they teach, and whether you think their method would help you or not.

Which countries do your students come from?

At the moment we have students from all around the world, including Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Japan, China, Korea, Austria, Switzerland - and of course Russia. At the moment, we have more Russian students than any other nationality.

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