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Our classes are speaking based, we share materials with you during class

  • During class, we use the most current, most interesting English text books (in PDF form).

  • You and the teacher look at the pages together, while you see and hear each other.

  • Teachers also use current articles from the internet, videos and more.

Your Teacher will Correct the Mistakes You Make During Class

  • Our teachers correct each mistake in a supportive way.

  • Students practice the correct word, phrase, pronunciation or grammar with the teacher.

Future Lessons Are Based Specifically on the Areas You Need to Work On.

  • Your teacher takes note of your common mistakes, and designs your future lessons to work on YOUR specific problem areas - until they're not problems any more!

  • This specific focus on YOUR English needs helps You to advance much faster.

Your Teacher Will Send You a Detailed Report of the Class Vocabulary by Email

  • To make sure you don't forget what you learned, we send you a detailed report of all the things you learned in class, along with links to reading, listening or video files that use the vocabulary.

  • If you want to practice writing, your teacher will also give you a writing assignment using the vocabulary you learned. Writing assignments are corrected at the beginning of the next class.

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